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5 easy Paleo Sausage suppers

Cooking sausages is a happy thing.  It requires a little patience but always delivers. The tempting sizzle in the pan, the slow cook on a low heat to ensure that by the time each Paleo sausage is cooked on the inside they have turned that appetising rich golden brown colour on the outside with the heady, comforting smell of home – who could resist?

Tempted?  Here are five of the best easy Paleo sausage suppers we can find to share – perfect for Saturday tea-time.


Sausage combo #1 - Mash and Onion Gravy

Place the paleo sausages in the oven, we recommend The Burley sausage. Thinly slice a lot of onions (you will need approximately 1kg for four people as they reduce as they cook) and slow fry for at least 20 mins in a little olive oil until they are soft.  Turn up the heat to brown the mixture to finish.  Remove from the pan.  Add the sausages and fry as usual.  Remove from pan.  Return the onions to the pan, turn up the heat and a splosh of white wine, let it bubble and then add some beef stock.  Continue to boil until the mixture reduces and becomes sticky, season to taste, add a little balsamic vinegar and chopped green parsley.  Serve with mashed potatoes that have been whipped with finely chopped garlic, utter and hot milk.  Gently pour the onion gravy over everything and serve warm to the table.


Sausage combo #2 - Hot Tomato sauce with Cheese

Add the sliced raw Paleo sausages (choose a sausage like for its simple flavour combination like Toulouse) to chopped onions, garlic, cored, seeded and sliced red and yellow peppers, capers and black olives and slow fry in coconut oil adding a generous pinch of red chilli flakes, a can of chopped tomatoes and simmer until the sauce has thickened.  Serve tossed through spiralised courgetti with lots of fresh grated parmesan.


Sausage combo #3 Cream, Mustard and Gruyere Cheese

Fry thinly sliced onions with sliced The Cambridge sausages until the onions are soft.  Add some drained sauerkraut, a splash of cream, chopped curly parsley, Dijon mustard and toss with any spiralised veg and grated gruyere cheese.  Serve warm and bubbling with some roasted new potatoes.



Sausage combo #4 Hot Green Lentils, Roasted Beetroot and Balsamic Vinegar

Keep is simple - grill large pure paleo sausages (we can recommend our Saucisse de Toulouse) and serve on a bed of hot green lentils tossed with extra virgin olive oil, roasted halved baby beetroot ( my favourite) , green beans, coriander and parsley sprigs and a lovely drizzle of balsamic vinegar – glorious colour combination



Sausage combo #5 New Potatoes, Peppers and Parsley

Boil plenty of new potatoes with a few sprigs of mint until tender.  Drain, place in a bowl and crush lightly with a fork.  Add lots of fried sliced paleo sausage (Tomato and Basil), wild rocket leaves, chopped gherkin, capers, wholegrain mustard, chopped roasted red peppers and chopped parsley and dress with extra virgin olive oil and white wine vinegar.

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