Located on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales Primal Cut was founded by owner and master sausage maker Michael Oliver.

Michael and his wife Kate are passionate about changing the conventional wisdom on nutrition, demonisation of saturated fats. In line with their nutrient-dense food products, their vision is one of empowering everyone they touch for a lifetime of healthy eating with satiating real foods.

Following The Dream...

A life long dream was turned into reality by Michael and Kate Oliver through focusing all their skills and energy in becoming pioneers of their all-natural free-from sausages made from free range pork and local ingredients to cater for a wide variety of dietary needs.

"We want to offer people an alternative to what they can find on the supermarket shelves. To give real healthy eating choices, satiating, delicious nutritious food for the whole family. So even those on a special diet, or food intolerance, all can now enjoy the same meal."

sausage king - Michael Oliver
grain free baker

Michael is the sausage and charcuterie expert.

He is the 'artisan' behind our artisan meat products. His focus on optimal nutrition and the promotion of real food diets is driving his creativity in producing only the highest quality, nutrient dense products.

The demand for his natural products is rapidly increasing - and as he says; 'It makes it all worth it, but the greatest satisfaction still comes from hearing customers telling us how much they like them."


  • Gluten

  • Artificial preservatives

  • Added Sulphites

  • Added Sugar

  • Dairy

  • Nitrites


  • Fillers

  • Shelf life extenders

  • Artificial colours

  • Bread

  • Rusk

  • Oats

  • MSG

  • GM

  • Soya

Many of us want to eat well and follow a healthy eating lifestyle.

We all want to provide simple nourishing meals for our families made from wholesome ingredients. Some of us already follow a Low Carb or Whole30 program. Others chose a Keto diet or Paleo diet, while some struggle with coeliac disease or diabetes. But all of us instinctively know the power of eating simple, minimally processed, real-food and the part this has to play in our own health and well being.

And that’s why we created our 100% real & natural food business - Primal Cut

We are proud makers of GLUTEN FREE products certified by COELIAC UK.