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Changing conventional Paleo sausage at a time

sausage maker | Michael Oliver

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Have you ever tried to find real-food sausages in the supermarket? Frustrated by the lack of real choice? Looking for real-food alternatives to feed the family? We found whole racks full of gluten free sausages, back to basics stuff and free from. Unfortunately, they all have one thing in common... chemical enhancers! Synthetic preservatives - phosphates, sulphates, antioxidants, colouring, binding agents. How else can they achieve the lead times, pricing and shelf life demanded by the big supermarkets? These sausages weren't for us, We simply wanted sausage how it was originally made and still by our continental friends. Pure, no fuss meat and seasoning - real food sausages that tasted great without any rusk or cereal binders. We just wanted healthy sausages, simple with no nasties, local, fresh and ideally seasonal ingredients. This meant invariably meant avoiding anything manufactured using agro-industrial methods by the supermarket brands. 

We knew we didn't want sausages manufactured as a commodity where our health was the lowest common denominator.

fresh-sausage-ingredients | healthy sausages

Whilst we looked for something on the high street and in the supermarkets, nothing passed the real-food criteria for sausages. Not that surprising when you consider the lack of specialist food merchants around these days. Doing our bit and to satisfy our own needs, we decided we'd make our own real-food version of the humble British sausage. 

Michael, owner and chief sausage maker (salumist) was trained and mentored by his good friend, the master Charcutier Alex Chambers. Alex handed down knowledge of his best techniques and flavour combinations, sharing extensive charcuterie skills and expertise to create mouth-wateringly tasty real-food sausages.

artisan-sausages-gluten-free | healthy sausages

...and when the kids started to ask for them we knew were on to something really good. 

What's the real difference between our handcrafted all natural sausages and the rest?

Its simple, the pride we have in our ingredients, thats why we list them on the front of every pack - where you can see them!

pork-and-bramley-apple-gluten-free | paleo sausages

What makes a healthy sausage?   

  • No chemicals 
  • No cereals
  • No Soya
  • No allergens
  • Premium British free-range pork
  • Handcrafted
  • Genuine artisan product
  • Upfront natural ingredients
  • Fresh herbs and spices                         

We continue to go to great lengths to ensure the quality of our totally natural sausages. How are we doing? here to see what they say.

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