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Paleo Reset: Day 14

Sunday - and for the first time in ages I had a deliciously long lie in! Highly recommended. Awoke feeling stronger again, brain fog receding and noticing a more positive outlook on life. Happier. All good, Ted (dog) was sleeping next to me on the bed, too. Not sure how he managed to end up there but he was definitely making the most of it! Feels good to have the weight of him curled up on the bed covers, happy dog, happy me. Food wise, I kept the menu simple again, I dont want to spend precious time creating and cooking meals all day, there is so much other stuff to do. We had a combination of convenience foods, quick cooks and a slow cooker meal so hands on time was minimal. Added C8 MCT Oil to the mix and kept on with the Floradix iron tablets to build on energy levels.

There is a great chart I found which summarsied the C8 possibilities which is useful (if a little vague in parts)! Everything seems to be pointing in the right direction as regards feeling full and helping with low energy too.

Are you taking any supplements that have made a genuine difference to your way of eating? It is great to share actual experience and avoid spending on useless supplements that dont work. Been there and done that! Self experimentation seems to be key and a genuine lived experience of what makes us feel better. On a side note, I can say that I have not taken any painklillers for at least a week and for someone who was popping pills everyday to cope with the joint pains and heel issue, this is huge.

What am I doing differently besides the supplements? Eating paleo and that means avoiding processed food, avoiding junk food and most of all avoiding sugar! It genuinely messes with my mind and energy levels and it seems that I am not the only one. Here is a great interview between Dr Jen Unwin (of Fork in the Road fame) and Anna Fruehling, Sugar Addiction Specialist and Primal Health Coach - note what they have to say about the effects of not eating sugar and then eating some sugar - on their mental health - fascinating stuuf! It is also interesting to hear both discuss familial patterns of using food to treat, using special occasions as an excuse to eat sugar and all the turmoil that flows from that which is especially relevant with Christmas just around the corner. How will you face the challenges around that?

Other interesting stuff to share:

I love a motivating book list and this is a great list from the fabulous team at the Do Lectures - this gives 100 interesting and varied recommendations to learn, guide and explore your way into 2022!

If you are looking for a bench mark on your fitness levels this is a great starting point!

Paleo Reset Day 14, summary of meals

Breakfast: Keto Noatmeal and Berries

Lunch: Simple Pork Curry and Spinach

Supper: Chicken and Cauliflower, handful of macadamia nuts, orange and plums



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