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Paleo Reset Day 27

This year folk seem to have gone to town with their Christmas lights and I love it!! Driving home last night, all the colour and sparkle and movement from the twinkly lights was so uplifting! I took a wrong turn on purpose and followed them all the way home. Solstice soon too and then we start the inexorable drive to Spring. Nature does its best to keep us all on track, for sure! How are you doing?

Easy paleo day today. We have been talking about how to plan for a paleo Christmas as we both want to continue eating this way. I feel it is doing us both good. Aches and pains are still present but less so or may be I can deal with them better? Have lost a dress size over the month but feel for me now, this is more about dealing with life and not the toxic side show of weight loss and weight gain. I need to figure out a way to thrive over the next chapter of life - my previous plan was not working!

Game Changer!

There was a tiny bit of side shopping this morning and I brought a soup maker. I love soup but get stuck blending it. The soup pan is usually too awkward and heavy to tip into the Magimix and the stick blender leaves lumps or I end up covered in hot soup! This gadget does it all in 21 minutes. This might be a Godsend! Soup for supper is currently cooking!

Paleo Meal Summary today

Breakfast: Protein Shake, C8, Floradix and Dirtea Coffee

Lunch: Roast Lamb and Sweet potato and fresh organic microgreens

Roast Lamb, Sweet Potato Chips and Microgreens

Supper: Courgette, Lemon and Mint soup with toasted pumpkin seeds and Feta cheese (recipe Credit Ally Houston)

Snacks: Fresh strawberries, handful of pecans, microgreens

These days, I do feel like we are hitting our stride with this way of eating. Time to step it up a gear? What do you think?



kate oliver - Primal Cut co-founder

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