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Super Seeds for Life!

We love seeds for all the goodness in each tiny package and for their hidden superpowers. In an age where so much of our processed food contains hidden chemicals and additives, we embrace these simple natural whole food ingredients and incorporate as many as possible into the range of minimally processed food we hand-bake and sell in our online shop!

Super Seeds
Super Seeds - a handful a day keeps hunger at bay!

What makes seeds so super?

Seeds are a great source of fibre and slow to digest which means they give a controlled release of energy and will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Think of them as nature's powerhouse - with each super seed packed full of protein, vitamins and minerals and rich in healthy oils designed to nourish your body.

Which super seeds do we use at Primal Cut?

Sunflowers seeds are included in many of our bakes. These super seeds are a definite staple with a deliciously mild taste and creamy texture and rich in selenium, magnesium and Vitamin E. For example, we combine sunflower seeds with flax (also known as linseed and high in Omega-3), pumpkin seeds (rich in zinc) and sesame seeds (also high in calcium) to make our best selling primal alternative low carb fat and seedy bread. We use milled sunflower seeds and activated cashew milk to make our delicious keto-friendly fat and seedy pizza bases and we use sunflower seeds as the base of our delicious crunchy breakfast granolas. We use chia seeds in our sausages too!

Do hemp seeds make you high?

Definitely not! We use hemp seeds in our no nut hemp bread, wraps and our no nut hemp granola although the hemp seeds do come from a variety of the cannabis plant BUT minus the funny stuff! Hemp has been grown for centuries for its fibrous stalks which were used to make fabric and rope. Hemp seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids and the same omega-6 fatty acid that is found in evening primrose oil. When we bake with the seeds they have a beautiful soft texture with a light delicate flavour similar to pine nuts. Simple, natural food designed to nourish your body not fight it.

Can eating pumpkin seeds boost your sex life?

Pumpkin seeds are also known as the seeds of love! They are a great natural source of zinc which can boost testosterone production and fertility but that's probably about as far as we can go! We make a deliciously different primal alternative pumpkin bread and also use pumpkin seeds in our granolas and fruit toast. So while we can't promise anything regarding your sex life, you will have fun eating to nourish your body as part of the process!

Pumpkin Seeds
Sprinkle pumpkin seeds onto fresh green salad

How else can we get more seeds in our diet?

Super seeds are surprisingly versatile and a staple of the paleo diet. Add them to soups, sprinkle on salads and stir into stews - even a tablespoon a day will give benefits and help keep you fuller for longer. Use cold-pressed seed oils on your steamed vegetables as an alternative to butter or to make dressing for your salads or gently toast sunflower seeds to add more flavour and crunch to your food.

Super Food Salad label
Think super seeds for super food!

How to roast seeds for added flavour.

Heat the pan gently and scatter your seeds on top. Leave for up to 15 minutes, shaking the pan every couple of minutes to make sure the seeds do not burn. Pumpkin seeds will start to pop and jump in the pan to tell you that they are ready. Add a pinch of sea salt or some dried chilli flakes for added flavour. Try toasting sunflower seeds with honey or salt and add toasted pumpkin seeds to 90% dark chocolate for an extra special treat! Make sure you let the seeds cool down before eating. Great to munch on as a healthy snack and difficult to overeat!

Go nuts about seeds!

Whichever super seed you choose to add to your diet, you will find added flavour, bite and goodness in every spoonful. That's why we are delighted to include a wide variety of seeds in our bakes, wraps, granolas and more - secure in the knowledge that we are shipping a whole bundle of goodness direct to your door for breakfast, lunch and even dinner!

Go on - have some fun in the kitchen!

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Sep 23, 2020

Really well written & interesting piece.



kate oliver - Primal Cut co-founder

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