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Chilli Avocado Mayo
  • 🌶️CHIPOTLE AND LIME MAYO - With the addition of Mexican Chipotle Chillies and a dash of lime juice and zest, our award winning mayonnaise now has a smoky and fiery kick - Ideal to add some spice and flavour to any meal
  • 🥚AVOCADO OIL AND EGG YOLK - Our Chilli & Lime Avocado Oil Mayonnaise is made using 100% pure avocado oil and RSPCA assured free range egg yolk - Winner of a 2019 Great Taste Award, this mayo really does taste like the real deal!
  • 🥑PURE AVOCADO OIL - Each jar contains 8 avocados, this avocado mayo is high in monosaturated fats, vitamin E and omega 9 - These carotenoids have been shown to be far more readily absorbed with the addition of avocado oil
  • 💛SUITABLE FOR MOST DIETARY NEEDS - Our avocado oil mayonnaise is suitable for ketogenic, paleo, banting, low carb and gluten free diets - The sauce is free from sugar, dairy and seed/vegetable oils without compromise on taste or texture
  • 🙌HOW TO ENJOY - With no artificial preservatives, emulsifiers of thickeners, our avocado oil mayonnaise is the perfect addition for chicken, amazing with steak and a welcome addition to any salad or burger

Chipotle Mayo

100 Grams
Oops - more on the way!
    • Avocado oil (82%)
    • Pasteurised British Free Range Egg Yolk (9%)
    • Filtered Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Chipotle Chilli Powder
    • Lime Zest
    • Chipotle Chilli Flakes
    • Pink Himalayan Salt
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