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Primal Cut Ltd 

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Primal Bacon (Unsmoked)

SKU: 5060614900160

Nitrite free Paleo bacon is here! We call it; Primal Bacon, our dry cured natural bacon is created with sea salt, herbs, spices and fresh mediterranean fruits. Our natural curing methods result in subtle aromatic scents and intense flavours not found in regular bacon. No added water or nitrites added, this means...no froth or shrinking when heated in the pan 

Unlike artificial commercial bacon containing sodium nitrite, Primal Bacon is made with natural sources of nitrate and sugars. The important part is that it's nitrite free bacon. As a result Primal Bacon is unprocessed and comes without the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) carcogenic warnings of regular bacon. 


Producing our Primal Bacon takes time, 42 days to be precise. In contrast did you know regular bacon is made in 3-5 days and has around 25% water injected to plump it up and make it weigh more.



Our healthy bacon is delicious, we love it and think you will too!



    Sea Salt, Spices, Ascorbic Acid.


    Gluten, Artificial Preservatives, Nitrites,
    Phosphates, Injected Water



    Coeliacs, Low-Carb, Paleo, Real & Whole Foods, Keto, Diabetic.

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  • Slices:

    5 x 40g Slices - Want it thicker, thinner? Let us know your preference from 4-8 slices.