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WHOLE 30 Living

Would it surprise you to know that the food on your plate might be contributing to you feeling below par? Tired all the time? What if bread is making you feel bloated and lethargic? Milk in your coffee or a nibble of cheese is making your eyes itch and your nose run? What if sugar is setting you up for all kinds of cravings and making your joints stiff? What if? 
Wouldn’t you want to know for sure so that you could live your best healthy life? Welcome to WHOLE30 UK

For 30 days, YES to fresh, whole foods - meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts (except peanuts), seeds. NO to any potentially inflammatory foods - grains, dairy, sugar, alcohol, legumes, harmful additives. Hello to better sleep, more energy, clearer skin, brighter eyes and plenty more possible physical and mental benefits. I reversed my type 2 diabetes! That’s phase one. 30 days of elimination to give your body a clean slate to work with. This is called a reset. 

Phase two is 10-14 days (fast track) of reintroducing one food group at a time, while making observations and keeping the rest of your diet Whole30 compatible
Then you craft up your own, unique food freedom forever plan with your newfound knowledge about yourself, and the shiny, healthy habits you’ve just learned. 
Simple, if not always easy....savour our compliant delicious nutritious Whole 30 diet foods from, the UK's No.1 Whole30 supplier. Healthy all natural sausages and nitrate free bacon for the Whole30 community

What Is Whole30?

Has food become unmanageable?

Are you out of control with food?

Want to make peace with food?

Certain foods control you?

Diagnosed with an eating disorder?

Constantly thinking about diet and weight loss?

There may be a simple answer, sugar addiction! 

Around 20% of the UK population needs a different approach to resolve weight problems, chronic or degenerative illness, stress & fatigue. 

Take the test today!

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