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"They're the best keto Sausages I’ve ever had. I’ve been ordering from them for a while and the customer experience has been wonderful. I love all their products including the keto bread and keto bagels 10/10 from me." Jewel

"I ordered the keto bread, bagels, cookies and pizza bases. All I can say I have placed another order because that's how amazing the products were. The natural and pure ingredients come through in the taste. Customer service also very good. I had a query and the gentleman answered very quickly and concisely as well as giving extra advice on storing the food in the freezer. Price obviously is a little high but then health is something not to be comprised on. Real-food ingredients, being able to buy locally and the variety all make up for it. I feel blessed knowing I can get good, pure food suitable for a diabetic, vegetarian, gluten-free. Not many companies have all these choices."

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"Amazing!! Seriously can’t fault their customer service and their sausages really are the best out there. Thank you" - Mrs Irvine: TrustPilot

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"Anyone looking for a great healthy sausage company, I can’t recommend Primal Cut enough. Extremely tasty sausages that are gluten free, nitrate free, sugar free with no fillers, cereal, soya, dairy, preservatives, legumes and

delivered to your door.

Top class!"​​

Kate Oliver - Primal Cut
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