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Please Note: We no longer make Real Food

What is Real Food?

Provenance and community​

Knowing the name of the people who actually make your food - that they care about your health and well being. Real Food is handmade by artisans - not machines.

100% Natural

Ingredients - organic, wholefoods added for flavour and nutrition, no preservatives,  artificial enhancers, colours, fillers, binders, production managers or food scientists.


Food your body is meant to eat. No grains (birdseed), soya, artificial trans fats, refined sugar, chemicals, vegetable and seed oils.

real food online

Some follow Whole30, Low Carb, Paleo, or a Ketogenic diet, or you may suffer with coeliac disease, diabetes, obesity or food allergies.

Whether lifestyle choice or treatment plan, good nutrition is your natural path to recovery.

We all know how important it is to eat simple, minimally processed real-food.


Has food become unmanageable?

Are you out of control with food?

Want to make peace with food?

Certain foods control you?

Diagnosed with an eating disorder?

Constantly thinking about diet and weight loss?

Around 20% of the UK population needs a different approach to resolve weight problems, chronic or degenerative illness, stress & fatigue. 

Test Today for FREE

A safe space to share your dreams and tell me your struggles with sugar and processed food addiction. Let's figure out how we can move forward together! 


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