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sugar addiction recovery uk

Did You Know? The heart and brain run up to 25% more efficiently with ketones than blood sugar levels ... Healthy and normal brain cells multiply when fueled by ketones.

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"Life just got hella lot easier & tastier! My partner and I go through a lot of science in our kitchen to tackle IBS, gluten intolerance and diabetes type 1... and still try to have fun meals together. Your range of low carb diet foods has been a delicious hack to most of our meals and the Keto Cookies a nice treat with a cup of tea. Thank you so so much - we will be a very happy regular customer.”

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Got my first order and being on a very restricted diet due to long term health issues, IT WAS WONDERFUL!!! Have had the Cambridge and Keto Sausages so far and the bacon - and so pleased with my order. Tasty, no nasties and proper meaty! Thank you so much - I shall be a regular customer without doubt!

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Discover the benefits of a real food diet with Dr Trudi Deakin, Registered dietitian and diabetes expert and CEO of X-PERT Health, a registered charity in the UK.
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sugar addiction recovery uk
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