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natural deli foods

Nutrient Dense Supplements, Sauces, Fermented Foods & Fats

Radical & Innovative

Avocado Mayo
Organic Ghee
Healthy Pork Scratchings
Unsweetened Sauces
Keto Bone Broth
Pure Collagen Peptides
Paleo Avocado Oil
gluten free foods

PRIMAL DELI is to be the new name and dedicated online store for our meat free produce. Whilst PRIMAL CUT will continue to offer our award winning 100% natural meaty foods. PRIMAL DELI will be the go to place for those of you whom, for whatever reason prefer not to eat meat. Don't worry, for a period you'll still be able to buy all products direct from - as you can now. Though, in the coming weeks we'll begin to redirect the purchase of some non-meat products to our new PRIMAL DELI store. Rest assured, everything is still the same in relation to our actual products, all that is changing is our meat-free foods are getting a brand overhaul. 
If you have any concerns or want more details please feel free to get in touch via our email:, or

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