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Pumpkin Bread | Pumpkin Loaf

Pumpkin Loaf

Our wheat-free Paleo Pumpkin Bread is a savoury gluten-free option to help you avoid those wheat bread alternatives. It's a healthy bread to be enjoyed without any brain fog, or spikes in blood sugar. It isn't bread – but nuts, eggs, and vegetables, all cleverly disguised as a healthy wheat-free paleo pumpkin bread loaf. 


Each Pumpkin Loaf will make approx. 13 slices plus 2 crusts. 


Primal Cut's Paleo Pumpkin Bread is also available as a Bread Mix to bake at home.

Paleo Pumpkin Bread (Gluten Free)

Oops - more on the way!

    Almond meal, Squash (pumpkin), free-range eggs, tapioca, organic apple cider vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, Himalayan pink salt.

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