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All natural ingredients: 

  • Prime Cuts of Free Range Yorkshire Pork

  • Himalayan Sea Salt

  • 100% Natural Herb & Spice Seasonings

  • Natural Casings

All-Natural Healthy Sausages - Suitable for:

Healthy Eating, Lifestyle Diets, Fitness, Wellness, Weight Loss, Diabetic, Coeliac, IBS, Allergies, Intolerance...pleas see listed ingredients for suitability for individual requirements. For help and support please use the contact us options.

High welfare, traditional, artisan methods and organic real food ingredients. A kind of Italian approach to food and human ancestral diets; All-natural, whole-foods with real artisan provenance. It's the beating heart at Primal Cut and goes into our full range of healthy sausages.  Add in an over and above approach to animal welfare, extremely high meat content and what you have is; no ordinary sausage - but provenence of slow-food to show what real healthy sausages should look like.

100% natural, free range, allergen free and nutrient dense. Our Gluten free sausages are a hit with the family and welcome healthy treat.

Suitable for: kids, grown-ups and lifestyle diets such as; keto, paleo, low carb, weight loss, food allergies, wellness and boosting  immunity.

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