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German bratwurst baked with roasted vegetables

Bratwurst - life-affirming savoury German sausage. All natural Bratwurst made with free range Yorkshire pork, beef and authentic organic seasoning. For centuries, Berliners have loved their tasting spiciness. Traditionally made from coarsely ground pork and pork belly, the mixture is spiced with grains of caraway and coriander, raw garlic, and ground mace. 

Our Brandenburg Bratwurst recipe is the result of much investigation and testing of bratwurst in Berlin and surrounding areas. The recipe itself was developed with the help of our good friend Simon of, The Sausage Man Never Sleeps located in Markthalle Neun, Berlin.

We take grass fed beef (54%) and free-range Yorkshire pork (44%) and blend with natural seasoning. The result is a traditional savoury sausage that's coarse in texture and rich with a delicious umami flavour - succulent, nutritious, and healthy! Berlin Bratwurst is a divine choice on its own, or with mashed potato, chips and gravy, in a bread roll, low carb wrap with saurkraut and ketchup or mustard. Of course, it makes the perfect breakfast sausage too and takes pride of place on any full English - or Scottish!


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Bratwurst - German Sausage

66 Grams
Oops - more on the way!
  • 97% Meat - 50/50 Beef & Pork

    • Chia
    • Sea Salt
    • Ginger
    • Nutmeg
    • Fennel
    • Black Pepper
    • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
    • Natural Hog Casings
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