The finest natural German Currywurst in the UK


Improving this classic German sausage was never going to be easy! Slightly less famous than the Bratwurst, Currywurst needs to be on everyone's bucket list. 


Originating in Berlin, the flavours come not from the sausage, a rather plain, bratwurst, hot dog type sausage. The flavour is all about the condiment - a squirt of Curry Ketchup and curry powder dusting. All served from a kiosk in a tray over fries.


To make things a little easier, our Currywurst captures all those amazing spicy flavours within sausage itself. We've blended the best natural ingredients around to create a deliciously tasty curried sausage. Our gluten free currywurst is, Low carb, filler free and natural.


You can now buy our currywurst online, it's award-winning, highly recommended & not to be missed! The best Currywurst this side of Berlin, perhaps even a match for the famous VW Currywurst - you decide!


Delicious served with french fries (chips!) and mango chutney, in a wrap with sauerkraut and your favourite dip. Or why not, a good old generous portion of British chips and gravy.


You can learn all about the history and cult following of the Currywurst here.

German Currywurst

SKU: 5060614900030
    Sea Salt, Turmeric, Curry Powder, Paprika, Egg White, White Pepper Ascorbic Acid, Natural Casings.

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