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  • Addiction Recovery (Beginner)

    At Primal Cut, we understand that addiction recovery requires a personalised approach. That's why we offer a beginner-level addiction recovery service that starts with a thorough diagnosis and assessment. Our team of health professionals works with you to create a customised recovery treatment plan that meets your needs. We know that taking the first step can be difficult, which is why we prioritise accurate assessments and personalised care to help you overcome your food addiction. Start your journey to recovery today with Primal Cut.

  • Bespoke Sausage Making

    We'll work with you to create virtually anything you desire. Pricing is according to ingredient cost and time involved. Don't worry prices are kept as low as possible as we're keen to help individuals with specific dietary needs and bring back those forgotten recipes,

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  • Unlocking Sustainable Weight Loss and Optimal Health: A Comprehensive Guide

    Achieving sustainable weight loss and optimal health is a sought-after goal for many individuals. In the face of countless diets and fitness routines saturating the market, it can be overwhelming to determine what genuinely works. Nonetheless, the primal lifestyle is experiencing a surge as a comprehensive approach towards weight loss and overall well-being. Understanding the Primal Lifestyle The primal lifestyle is centred around the concept that our contemporary diet and inactive habits are the primary contributors to weight gain and various health issues. By adopting the principles of a primal lifestyle, individuals can unlock sustainable weight loss and attain optimal health through a natural and balanced lifestyle. At the heart of the primal lifestyle is the consumption of authentic, whole foods that were accessible to our forebears during the hunter-gatherer era. This involves selecting nutrient-rich foods such as lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds while eliminating processed and refined products. By fuelling our bodies with these primal foods, we furnish it with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary for weight loss and overall well-being. The Role of Physical Activity Another key aspect of the primal lifestyle is integrating physical activity into our daily routines. Rather than being chained to a desk or couch for extended periods, primal living encourages movement and regular exercise. Participating in activities such as walking, running, weightlifting, and functional movements not only aids in weight loss but also boosts cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and overall fitness. Quality Sleep, Stress Reduction, and Nature Connection The primal lifestyle also underscores the importance of quality sleep, stress reduction, and connection with nature as vital components of optimal health. Achieving enough restorative sleep allows our bodies to heal and regenerate, while stress reduction techniques such as meditation or yoga promote mental clarity and overall well-being. Spending time outdoors and re-establishing a connection with nature is essential for reducing stress and enhancing mental health. The Benefits of the Primal Lifestyle One of the key advantages of the primal lifestyle is sustainable weight loss. Unlike restrictive diets that concentrate on calorie counting or extreme restrictions, the primal lifestyle aligns with our genetic makeup and natural dietary needs. By consuming nutrient-dense foods, controlling portion sizes, and engaging in regular physical activity, individuals can accomplish long-term and sustainable weight loss. Furthermore, the primal lifestyle not only assists in weight loss but also has a positive impact on numerous health markers. Research has demonstrated that adopting a primal lifestyle can enhance insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders. In conclusion, the primal lifestyle offers a complete approach towards sustainable weight loss and optimal health. By embracing the principles of consuming primal foods, engaging in regular physical activity, prioritising quality sleep, reducing stress, and reconnecting with nature, individuals can achieve long-term and balanced well-being. The primal lifestyle is not a fad but a way of life that empowers individuals to unlock their body’s natural ability to heal, thrive, and maintain a healthy weight. The Primal Lifestyle: A Holistic Approach The primal lifestyle is more than just a diet or exercise routine; it's a holistic approach to life that prioritises wellness in all areas. This includes not only what you eat and how much you move, but also how you sleep, manage stress, and interact with the natural world. It's about aligning our lifestyle with our evolutionary heritage to improve health, lose weight, and enhance overall wellbeing. The Power of Real, Whole Foods At the core of the primal lifestyle is a focus on real, whole foods. These are the foods that our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have had access to, and they are naturally high in nutrients and free from the processed and refined ingredients that are so common in today's diets. Choosing these foods is not only beneficial for weight loss, but also provides the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that our bodies need to function optimally. The Importance of Regular Physical Activity Physical activity is another key component of the primal lifestyle. This doesn't necessarily mean hitting the gym for hours every day; instead, it's about incorporating movement into our daily routines. This could be as simple as taking a walk during lunch, lifting weights a few times a week, or doing functional exercises that mimic the movements our ancestors would have made in their daily lives. Quality Sleep and Stress Management Quality sleep and effective stress management are also crucial components of the primal lifestyle. Our bodies need time to rest and rejuvenate, and chronic stress can have a major impact on our health. By prioritising sleep and implementing stress-reduction techniques such as meditation and yoga, we can improve our mental clarity and enhance our overall wellbeing. Reconnecting with Nature The primal lifestyle also encourages us to reconnect with nature. This could mean spending time outdoors, gardening, hiking, or simply taking a few moments each day to appreciate the natural world around us. The Benefits of the Primal Lifestyle Adopting a primal lifestyle can have a range of benefits. It's a sustainable way to lose weight, as it encourages mindful eating and regular physical activity. It can also improve various health markers, including insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Moreover, the primal lifestyle can also reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders. These benefits are a result of not only the physical aspects of the lifestyle, but also the emphasis on mental wellbeing and stress management. Conclusion In conclusion, the primal lifestyle offers a holistic approach to sustainable weight loss and optimal health. By embracing the principles of the primal lifestyle, we can improve our health, lose weight, and enhance our overall wellbeing. It's not a fad or a quick fix, but a sustainable and balanced way of life. It's about making choices that are in line with our evolutionary heritage and that promote health and wellbeing in all areas of our lives.

  • The Truth About Nitrite Free Bacon: Separating Fact from Fiction‍‍

    ‍ Introduction In recent years, there has been a surge in popularity surrounding nitrite free bacon and nitrate free bacon. Concerns about the potential health risks associated with consuming sodium nitrites, a common preservative used in cured meats, have prompted consumers to seek out alternatives. However, there seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding the topic. In this article, we will delve into the truth about nitrite free bacon, examining the science behind it and whether it truly offers a healthier option for bacon lovers. Understanding Nitrite Free Bacon What is Nitrite Free Bacon? Nitrite free bacon is often misunderstood. Contrary to popular belief, all bacon is technically nitrate free. The confusion arises from the fact that most bacon contains sodium nitrites, not nitrates. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires the use of nitrites as a preservative in cured meats. Therefore, bacon labeled as "uncured" is actually cured using naturally occurring nitrites, such as those found in celery powder. Nitrates vs Nitrites: What's the Difference? To fully understand the controversy surrounding nitrite free bacon, it's essential to distinguish between nitrates and nitrites. Nitrates and nitrites are salts that contain nitrogen and oxygen. Nitrates have three oxygen atoms, while nitrites have two. Nitrates are inert and must be converted into nitrites by bacteria to be used for food preservation. Nitrites play a crucial role in preventing the growth of bacteria in meat, enhancing its color, flavor, and shelf life. Health Concerns and the Link to Cancer The primary concern associated with nitrites in bacon is their potential to form nitrosamines when cooked at high temperatures. Nitrosamines are known to be carcinogenic and have been linked to an increased risk of cancer, particularly colorectal cancer. Several studies have shown that the consumption of processed meats, including bacon, can contribute to an elevated risk of cancer and other adverse health effects. However, it's important to note that it's not the nitrites themselves that are the problem but rather what happens to them during high-temperature cooking. The Science Behind Nitrite Free Bacon The Role of Celery Powder Many nitrite-free bacon products on the market utilize celery powder as a natural alternative to sodium nitrite. Celery powder contains naturally occurring nitrites, which are responsible for the preservation of the meat. However, it's crucial to understand that bacon made with celery powder is not truly nitrite-free. The nitrites present in celery powder can still convert into nitrosamines when exposed to high temperatures during cooking. Nitrite Levels in Nitrite Free Bacon Surprisingly, studies have shown that nitrite-free bacon may contain higher levels of nitrites compared to traditionally cured bacon. Laboratory tests conducted on different bacon products revealed that uncured bacon had higher average nitrite levels than cured bacon. This finding challenges the common perception that nitrite-free bacon is a healthier option. Making an Informed Choice The Importance of Labeling One of the major challenges for consumers looking to buy nitrite-free bacon is the misleading labeling found in the market. Bacon labeled as "uncured" or "nitrate/nitrite free" often contains disclaimers stating that it may still contain naturally occurring nitrites from ingredients like celery powder. These disclaimers can create confusion among consumers, leading them to believe that these products are truly nitrite-free when, in fact, they still contain nitrites. The Search for True Nitrite Free Bacon Finding truly nitrite free bacon can be a daunting task due to the widespread use of celery powder as a natural alternative to sodium nitrite. However, some brands have developed innovative methods to produce bacon without the use of nitrites or celery powder - Primal Cut bacon does not use Celery powder. These brands rely on a blend of Mediterranean herbs and extracts that have been scientifically proven to be as effective as traditional curing methods. Conclusion In conclusion, the quest for nitrate-free bacon is more complex than it may initially seem. While bacon labeled as "uncured" or "nitrate/nitrite free" may appear to be a healthier alternative, it's important to understand that these products still contain naturally occurring nitrates and nitrites. The potential health risks associated with nitrites in bacon are primarily linked to their conversion into nitrosamines during high-temperature cooking. Consumers should be cautious when choosing bacon and consider the overall integrity and claims made by the producer. Ultimately, making an informed choice about bacon consumption involves understanding the science behind the different curing methods and the potential risks involved. Rest assured Primal Cut Nitrate Free Bacon is all-natural and made with free-range pork - please remember, don't crucify your bacon!

  • The Science of Weight Loss

    More Neuro Science Tricks to Help you Lose Weight! Last week we took a quick look at how lowering the reward value of food can help us to lose weight. In his book “The Hungry Brain: outsmarting the instincts that make us overeat” Stephan J Guyenet outlines more new neuro science ideas that can help you harness the power of your brain to guide you to better more sustainable weight loss. Reduce the variety of your food This one makes perfect sense. Food variety is a very big deal to us. More options means more eating. Ever hung out a buffet table and tried to stop eating? Scientists call this the "buffet effect" . The more choice, the more stimulation, the more we want to eat. Think Christmas and every wedding, christening, party, celebration ever attended that included food. Also five small words that are guaranteed to stimulate our appetite at the drop of a hat "Hands up who wants pudding" - even when we are so super stuffed from the main course and starter, there is always room for more. It seems that bouncing around from sweet and sour to BBQ chicken, from crispy duck to prawn noodles and back again results in a chronic failure to habituate what we are eating and means that we just keep on eating. Throw in the creation of the bliss point, the dopamine reward system and the ridiculous ease and availability of food anywhere and at anytime and we are in serious trouble. Conversely, less choice is an easy way to feel full on less. If there is only steak available to eat and nothing else you will soon get tired of eating steak and stop. You will not carry on eating. You will get bored and stop, naturally. When variety is low, we get tired of whatever we are eating faster, and we will eat less. So, if you want to lose weight, how can you work that behaviour into your life and your way of eating? We have to take the power back if we want to control our own health and body weight and its not going to be easy. But don't let the big boys of the big food industry win and rob you of your life. It can be done. And speaking of big boys and the fast food industry, here is our second helpful neuroscience trick as garnered from Stephan J Guyenet's book: The Hungry Brain. Weight Loss Science: Control Your Environment Yes, these are neuroscience tricks but they are also obvious too. To be fair, awareness is key and then implementation is simple although never easy. Because things have changed dramatically over the last twenty years in terms of the availability of ultra processed food, Its everywhere. No escape. Whatever we want is only a phone call away, a click of a button - we don't even need to leave the house to have our every desire met. Guyenet says that it is the orbitofrontal cortex in the brain that calculates the effort involved to obtain the food, the energy content (reward value) of the food and whether it is going to be worth it. BUT in today's hyper stimulated environment, the orbitofrontal cortex is always going to say yes guys lets go for it because the reward is so high against the minimal effort it takes to obtain the food. The odds are hyper stacked against little ole me when I'm trying to make good choices, even my brain agrees! We become addicted to sugar. Well no. Actually we don't agree. Here's the thing, you have a little knowledge and the ability to see what is going on. You can see what is driving your desire - its your orbitofrontal cortex and it thinks it knows best. Its time to fight back! Make the decision to keep this hyper palatable food out of your home and environment. My coach Judy Wolfe at SUGARx Global says time and again that the only control we have is over that first bite. So don't make it easy to get that first bite. Control your environment. Watch for what is happening. Stay aware and don't give in, no matter what (or as Judy signs off every comment, email and podcast NMW)! Don't buy the food. Don't keep it in your home. Make it so that you have to journey hard to get it if you really do want to eat it. Work on your orbitofrontal cortex to understand the real reward. Create a food plan and stick to it. Buy real food and only consume that. Real food is by definition single ingredient food such as an egg, pepper, steak. If you buy food that requires actual cooking and preparation you will find that you make less of it. You will also be less inclined to over eat and of course second helpings look like an entirely different thing when you have to re make the whole dish from scratch to eat them! Peeling oranges, shelling nuts, baking snacks from scratch is way more effortful compared to snarfing down a box of Maltesers - and guess what - your orbitofrontal cortex is going to tell you not to bother cos the reward ain't worth the effort - let's go do something else instead. Share Your Experience So there we have it, two simple tricks to harness neuro science to help us in achieving lasting and sustainable weight loss. Do you have any simple tricks and ways to harness our brain power to work for us in weight loss? We'd love to hear from you! If not and you need lasting help, check out Kate's exciting new weight loss program at:

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    LOW CARB FOOD FREE FROM • NUTRIENT DENSE • 100% NATURAL MAIN SHOP Low Carb Foods: Supporting Sugar Addiction Recovery Almond Meal £2.00 Buy Now Avocado Mayo £6.00 Buy Now Bone Broth £6.00 Buy Now Bread Mix - Grain-Free Pumpkin Bread £10.00 Buy Now Chipotle Ketchup: Unsweetened £5.00 Buy Now Chipotle Mayo £6.00 Buy Now Choc Chip Cookies £8.00 Buy Now Chocolate Granola £14.00 Buy Now Dry Cured Pancetta | Pancetta Stesa £4.00 Buy Now Easter Fruit Toast £13.00 Buy Now Extra Virgin AVOCADO OIL £8.00 Buy Now Fruit Mince Pies £16.00 Buy Now Fruit Toast Loaf Mix £11.00 Buy Now Ginger and Cranberry Cookies £8.00 Buy Now Gluten Free Pastry £14.00 Buy Now Gluten Free Pastry - Sweet Potato £14.00 Buy Now Grain & Gluten Free Bundle £46.00 Buy Now Healthy Granola: Fat & Seedy £14.00 Buy Now Horse Radish Olive Oil Mayo £6.00 Buy Now Keto Bread Mix - Fat & Seedy Bread £9.00 Buy Now Keto Bread Mix: No Nut Hemp £11.00 Buy Now Keto Bread UK: Low Carb Loaf £12.00 Buy Now Keto Cookies: Triple Choc Chip £9.00 Buy Now Keto Pizza Bases - Low Carb £10.00 Buy Now Lemon Mayo £6.00 Buy Now Low Carb Bundle [KETO] £48.00 Buy Now Low Carb Home Baking Kit £31.00 Buy Now Low Carb Keto Bagels £8.00 Buy Now Low Carb Wrap Mix: Gluten Free £10.00 Buy Now Low-Carb Pizza Mix - Home Bake Pizza Kit £8.00 Buy Now Macadamia and Currant Shortbread £9.00 Buy Now No Nut Hemp Loaf £12.00 Buy Now No Nut PALEO Wraps £11.00 Buy Now Noatmeal Keto Porridge £8.00 Buy Now Organic Ghee £11.00 Buy Now Organic Microgreens £8.00 Buy Now Paleo Bakery Box £42.00 Buy Now Paleo Hot Cross Buns - Mix £11.00 Buy Now Paleo Pancake Mix - Low Carb Waffle Mix £9.00 Buy Now Paleo Pizza Base £10.00 Buy Now Paleo Pizza Base Mix £9.00 Buy Now Paleo Pumpkin Bread (Gluten Free) £12.00 Buy Now Paleo Wraps Baking Mix: Vegan £10.00 Buy Now Paleo Zucchini Bread £12.00 Buy Now Pork Scratchings: KETO £2.00 Buy Now Pure Collagen Peptides £26.00 Buy Now Raw Cacao Powder £4.00 Buy Now Raw Sprouted Buckwheat £6.00 Buy Now Shelled Hemp Seed £2.00 Buy Now Sprouted Alfalfa £4.00 Buy Now Sunflower Seeds £1.00 Buy Now Tumeric Bread Mix: Vegan Bread £11.00 Buy Now Tumeric Infused Ghee £13.00 Buy Now Turmeric & Hemp Bread £12.00 Buy Now Unsweetened BBQ Sauce £5.00 Buy Now Unsweetened Ketchup £5.00 Buy Now Vegan Bundle £52.00 Buy Now Vegan Food Box £55.00 Buy Now Vegan Fruit Loaf £13.00 Buy Now Vegan Granola £14.00 Buy Now Wheat Free Bread Mix £20.00 Buy Now Zucchini Bread Mix (Gluten Free) £10.00 Buy Now Subscribe

  • Real Foods - Buy Real Foods Online: Primal Cut | UK

    REAL FOOD ONLINE DELICIOUS • NUTRITIOUS • NATURAL Please Note: We no longer make Real Food Primal Cut now focuses on Treatment and Recovery from Food Addiction What is Real Food? Provenance a nd commu nity​ ​ Knowing the name of the people who actually make your food - that they care about your health and well being. Real Food is handmade by artisans - not machines. ​ ​ ​ 100% Na tural ​ Ingredients - organic, wholefoods added for flavour and nutrition, no preservatives, artificial enhancers, colours, fillers, binders, production managers or food scientists. ​ Nourishing Food your body is meant to eat. No grains (birdseed), soya, artificial trans fats, refined sugar, chemicals, vegetable and seed oils. Some follow Whole30, Low Carb, Paleo, or a Ketogenic diet, or you may suffer with coeliac disease , diabetes, obesity or food allergies. ​ Whether lifestyle choice or treatment plan, good nutrition is your natural path to recovery. We all know how important it is to eat simple, minimally processed real-food. Help for Those Suffering with Addiction Subscribe Food Addiction Recovery Coaching Diagnose For Addiction SUGAR ADDICTION RECOVERY Has food become unmanageable? Are you out of control with food? Want to make peace with food? Certain foods control you? Diagnosed with an eating disorder? Constantly thinking about diet and weight loss? Around 20% of the UK population needs a different approach to resolve weight problems, chronic or degenerative illness, stress & fatigue. Test Today for FREE FREE Consultation Call A safe space to share your dreams and tell me your struggles with sugar and processed food addiction. Let's figure out how we can move forward together! FREE Discovery Call Learn More

  • Whole30 Compliant: WHOLE 30 UK -

    WH O LE 30 Official Producer of Whole 30 Foods (UK) WHOLE 30 Living Are you surprised to find that the food on your plate may make you feel substandard? Are you always tired? What if the bread makes you bloated and lethargic? Do I get itchy eyes and runny nose when I put milk in coffee or eat a bite of cheese? What if sugar prepares you for all kinds of thirst and stiffens your joints? What happened? You'd want to know, wouldn't you? How easy it can be to lead your best healthy life. Doable in just a month, yes! 30 days of fresh whole food meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts (excluding peanuts), seeds. It cannot be used on all potentially flammable foods such as grains, dairy products, sugar, alcohol, legumes and harmful additives. Hello, better sleep, more energy, clearer skin, brighter eyes, and more potential physical and mental benefits. Put type 2 diabetes into remission! This is Phase 1. 30 days removal to give your body a clean slate to work. This is called a reset. Phase 2 consists of 10-14 days (fast track) to make observations and reintroduce one food group at a time while maintaining compatibility with the rest of the Whole 30 program. Then use your new knowledge about yourself and the bright and healthy habits you just learned to create your own eternal dietary plan. Simple, but not always easy ... Enjoy delicious, nutritious Whole30 complient diet foods from the UK's leading Whole30 suppliers . Whole30 Healthy, natural sausages and nitrate-free bacon and incredible free from plant based foods for your journey. What Is Whole30? Whole30 Coaching SHOP: Whole30 Foods Sugar Addiction Test

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