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gluten free German sausage AOECS

100% Natural German sausage:

Individually crafted from nutrient dense organic seasonings, Himalayan salts and 100% free range Yorkshire pork. 


Bratwurst: Germany - 🇩🇪

Of all German sausage, Bratwurst is a particular classic and the best know around the world - there's a reason for that! Our grass fed beef (55%) and free-range pork sausage is coarse in texture, deeply rich with a delightful savoury flavour. Satiating and wholly healthy.

Currywurst: Germany - 🇩🇪

A truly radical Currywurst capturing all the amazing flavour of its Berlin counterpart within the sausage itself! We take the finest organic & natural ingredients to create a deliciously tasty umami curried sausage.

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