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Tumeric Infused Ghee

Organic Golden Ghee 

Lactose free tumeric infused clarified ghee. One of the healthiest alternatives to highly processed seed and vegetable oils, cook with confidence of this extra nourishment source from naturally good fats. Containing only trace lactose and casein it makes for an excellent butter subsistute for those with sensitivity or intolerance to dairy.


How To Use?

Organic Ghee is so versatile it can be be used pretty much anywhere you'd use conventional oils and fats. Use to; fry, bake, roast, sear, spread, or even slurp in your favourite keto shake, bulletproof coffee. Upgrade your recipes as a healthy alternative wherever butter is called for, makes great fat bombs!


Happy Butter is an artisan family business based in Devon and specialise in soil association certified organic ghee made using UK organic grassfed butter.

Tumeric Infused Ghee

100 Grams
Oops - more on the way!


    • 100% Clarified Organic Butter (Milk)
    • Tumeric Root
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