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vegan food box

Vegan Food Box

A collection of our vegan products from Primal Alternative. All products come as low-carb vegan alternatives to bread, pastry, biscuits, and wraps - no need to compromise, eat real food with no animal products! Make sweet or savoury pies with our grain-free Sweet Potato Pastry, host a high tea with Fruit Toast, have a chocolatey treat with our Triple Choc Keto cookies, easy sandwiches with Turmeric and Hemp loaf, and quickly whip up some No Nut Hemp Wraps for lunch or dinner.


Vegan Food Box contents:


1 x Turmeric and Hemp loaf

1 x Fruit Toast

1 x Sweet Potato Pastry (frozen)

1 x Triple Choc Keto cookies

1 x No Nut Hemp Wrap Packet Mix


5 items in total

Vegan Food Box

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Vegan Food Box
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