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Low Carb Bundle [KETO]

Nourishing low carb and keto bread and low carb and keto pizza bases to feed the whole family on your grain-free journey.  Sugar-free, grain-free, and rich in good fats, pizza is back on the menu for Friday night!

Products included in the Keto Kit are (please click on each product to see ingredients):

1 Loaf of Fat and Seedy Bread

1 Pack of Fat and Seedy Pizza Bases (contains 2 bases)

1 Pack of Triple Choc Cookies (6)

I Loaf of No Nut Hemp Bread

1 x Low Carb Pancake and Waffle Mix

Low Carb Bundle [KETO]

Oops - more on the way!
  • Please click on the link to each product listed above.

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