Capocollo (Coppa), or Capicola is an Italian salumi dried antipasti meat taken from the large dorsal (neck/shoulder) muscle stretching from the back of the head to the fifth rib. As you’d expect it works hard and so has a deeper red colouration due to the higher levels of myoglobin. Each muscle is connected with seams of pure white fat. This gives the Copocollo its deep rich flavour, it sits perfectly alongside our prosciutto ham on the charcuterie board.

To preserve this whole muscle salumi, the Capocolli are soaked in cooked wine where they marinate for several hours. To further protect during the maturing process each Capocollo is tightly bagged in a natural casing and hung, it's then left to dry cure for at least 3 months in our curing cellar. 

This is where the magic happens that results in a delightfully rich flavour - all helped along with pure cooling breezes coming off the local moors.

Capocollo - Coppa

    Sea Salt, Spices, Paprika, Organic Red Wine Vinegar, Ascorbic Acid.