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sausage selection box

A selection of our finest continental sausages - all-natural, juicy free range Yorkshire pork sausages in one convenient box.


Each box includes classic continental sausage flavours inspired by Germany, Poland, Greece & Sicily.


The Primal Cut Continental box includes:


2 x pack Bratwurst sausage (standard size)

2 x pack Hunters sausage

2 x pack Greek sausage

2 x pack Sicilian sausage


Total = 8 SAUSAGE TRAYS x 400g (3.2kg)


Please note: In the event of an item becoming unavailable we reserve the right to supply a similar product of the same type and value, you will not be charged if the value of the replaced item is greater then the listed item.

Continental Sausage Box

Oops - more on the way!
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