Pancetta, the famous Italian version of belly bacon with a natural sweet Italian taste.

What's the difference between Pancetta and Streaky Bacon?

Bacon may be smoked or unsmoked and must be cooked prior to eating, it is also not normally rolled.

Only Pancetta Affumicata is smoked! Pancetta also has significantly longer curing and maturation than ordinary bacon, this results in a much greater depth of flavour.

It may be eaten raw, or cooked as you would bacon. Due to the intensity of flavour, it is superior to standard bacon for the flavouring of other dishes, i.e. as an alternative to Guanciale in Spaghetti Carbonara. If you want to make lardons let us know and we'll slice it real thick!

Despite its name - Pancetta Bacon, authentic pancetta is a ready-to-eat, Italian, deli or charcuterie meat, though it may also be cooked. We slice our pancetta thick like bacon if you'd like it even thicker for cubing to make lardons, 


Pancetta Bacon (Stesa)

    Himalayan Salt, Mediterranean Fruits, Spices, Ascorbic Acid.