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Primal Cut Ltd 

Company No: 11072604

25 Endor Crescent 


LS29 7QH

T: 01943 511564

E: hello@primalcut.co.uk

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Primal Alternative Christmas Hamper

Perfect for Christmas!

Our brand new Christmas grain-free hampers are full of goodies from Primal Alternative with Fat and Seedy Pizza Base and bread mixes (both low carb and keto-friendly), Turmeric and Hemp Bread Mix and Fruit Toast Bread Mix (vegan-friendly, low sugar options) and 2 packs of our deliciously primal Choc Chip Cookies, paleo-friendly too!. All grain-free so naturally gluten-free and includes a discount voucher for 20% off your next purchase...  Have a healthy Christmas!  


    1 packet of Fat and Seedy Pizza Base Mix, 1 packet of Fat and Seedy Bread Mix, 1 packet of Turmeric and Hemp Bread Mix, 1 packet of Fruit Toast Bread Mix, 2 packets of Choc Chip Cookies, a 20% Discount Voucher for our Primal Cut Shop.


    Grains, dairy, legumes, sugar (apart from the Choc Chip Cookies which contains coconut sugar).


    Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Coeliacs