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How I Learned to Keep Going

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When I started my grain free journey I hoped only to calm the joint pain that was beginning to take hold of my life.

My left knee joint ached constantly.

My right heel had become so painful that it was beginning to interfere with my ability to walk.

In my heart, I knew my diet was killing me.

If I did not make lasting and sustainable changes in the way I ate, my future was looking grim (and small) and yet I could not get beyond the feeling that I had so much more to give.

But where to start? How to start? And how to keep going when my time was so limited? Who was going to help me? Where could I buy the simple food I knew would heal the damage I had done to my body?

Simple, nutrient dense, real food - why is it so difficult to find?

I knew I could bake this food from scratch but I also knew that to continue on this journey, I would need variety, help and support in the form of ready made food for those times when I could not cook.

Gradually I began to make small changes to my diet.

Baby steps.

Out went the grain bread: the sour dough, the rye bread, the ancient grains, the cereals, the cakes, the crisps, the sugary treats and dough based bakes and in came the home baked grain free (gluten-free) bread, low carb granola, no nut wraps, vegan pastry, fresh micro greens and sprouts.

Baby steps.

I love eggs on toast.

I ate eggs on toast but changed up the bread to a nutrient dense, whole food bread alternative made from vegetables and good fats, seeds and simple nut flour.

Nowadays, one slice is enough.

And because I am eating real food, I can tell when I am full.

And I just keep going.

Switching things up and out.

Ditching the Frosties for our low carb, low sugar granola.

Swapping the over processed supermarket wraps for our no nut options and filling each wrap with good things to snack on for lunch.

The kids love these too.

And I keep going.

Adding and subtracting, finding the balance, finally understanding the food that causes my body to inflame and the food that causes my body to feel at peace.

And the food that affects my mental health too.

These days my joint pain has gone and the crippling heel pain which had meant I could not walk downstairs without gripping onto the rails and praying - has faded into distant memory.

In fact, I cannot recall it at all.

Life has balance.

My future has potential and I am writing to you from a place of clarity to share that change is truly possible.

Change can happen.

Change does happen.

You just have to keep going...



kate oliver - Primal Cut co-founder

Hi! I'm Kate, Co-Founder of Primal Cut, mum, wife & Primal Baker! I live with my husband and partner Michael. Ideally located in the spa town of Ilkley, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales its where we handcraft our range of healthy, nutrient dense, free from food.

From delicious Primal Alternative keto granolas to gluten free low carb bread, from vegan wraps to healthy sausages, nitrate-free bacon & charcuterie - it's all here. The fact that gluten-free is better for all, including keto and low carb means our food offers convenient, time-saving grain free alternatives that will help keep you on track during your journey back to health!

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