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Delicious, Tasty & Nutritious
Nutrient dense low carb bread
100% whole-food ingredients.


  • No gluten
    dairy, sugar, grains, legumes or artificial anything

Primal Deli Low Carb Bread is a delicious nutrient dense, gluten free bread made without any grains or refined sugars. Popular as a keto diet bread it has a higher protein content than regular bread made with wheat flour. Our healthy bread recipes are packed with good fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals, making it them an ideal snack option as sandwiches or on its own.
The Benefits:
100% Natural Ingredients, High Protein, High Fibre, High Fat, Low Carbohydrate,
Free From:
Gluten, Grains, Refined Sugars, Wheat, Yeast, Artificial Flavours, Preservatives, Salt, Dairy, Soya, No Corn, Seed Oils, Milk, Butter, GMO, Trans Fats, Artificial Sweeteners, Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavorings, Artificial Thickeners.

Low Carb Bread: Selection

Low Carb Bread
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