Triple Choc Keto Cookies

🍪 What are Keto Cookies?

Great question! Keto is short for ketogenic which is a diet low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats. That means no white sugar and no dodgy grains (or gluten) as these can cause an adverse reaction in our blood sugar levels, a spike and then a slump in energy and trigger that sweet tooth – the one we thought we had finally overcome by opting for keto! All of which leaves us with a dilemma - because we love cookies - and really can’t bear the thought of never eating them again.. is there a solution?

What cookies can I eat on a keto diet?

Well, yes there is – and the best news is there is no need to compromise on taste when making healthy choices around our keto diet. Keto cookies are available to buy online where you can buy keto cookies for delivery nationwide. Look for keto cookies that are refined white sugar-free, grain-free (so naturally gluten-free – no wheat flour) and if you can, opt for egg and dairy-free too as this will ensure that the cookies you buy online are as nourishing and satiating as possible.

Are keto cookies good for you?

Eaten in moderation then we would say a resounding “yes” to anyone who asks us are keto cookies healthy? Keto cookies are healthy and good for you as a small part of a regular ketogenic diet - yes our chocolate keto biscuits really are on the menu!

Remember the emphasis for the majority of folk who follow this diet is around curbing a sweet tooth, raising additive-free kids, type 2 diabetes remission, whole-body strength and wellbeing by maintaining even energy levels. At Primal Cut, we simply believe that the key to sustaining dietary change is to change what you eat not how you eat and that includes the occasional delicious keto-friendly cookie!

How many keto cookies can I eat?

If the cookie has been made with the best combination of healthy fats and satiating real food ingredients, many would be hard-pressed to overeat keto cookies. This is because of the high-fat content and the fact that there is no wheat flour or refined white sugar – both of which trigger overeating by the suppression of the natural hormones in our bodies designed to signal when we are full. Here’s what one delighted customer had to say about our cookies:

Are keto cookies gluten-free?

A resounding yes – and if they are not then they are not keto-friendly! Our triple choc keto cookies are dairy and egg-free (so a vegan cookie) as well as grain-free and gluten-free and white refined sugar-free. They are also great for anyone seeking to find a great tasting biscuit for additive-free kids – still giving a great chocolate taste but also keeping everyone fuller for longer. Magic!

How to eat keto cookies

We say keep it simple! We love to eat our keto cookies with a velvety smooth black coffee. Michael likes to have his with a glass of cold milk and we know others love to experiment with our great products and have even made a keto cookies and cream cheesecake, crumbling up the cookies for a crunchy textured base. Sounds amazing!

Where to buy keto cookies online UK?

We stock triple choc keto cookies for online delivery nationwide. We are always delighted to answer your questions and to find out more about our cookies simply follow this link to order your keto cookies today.


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