Low Carb Bacon Pancakes with Chocolate Dip!

Sunday morning and time to get creative in the kitchen!

A little bit of comfort for Sunday mornings (and its low carb, keto and gluten-free)!

We used this low carb pancake and waffle mix from our store cupboard to whip up a batch of delicious low carb pancakes and it couldn't be easier! Add the bacon and create a chocolate dip and there it is - decadence on a plate and keto and gluten-free too - absolutely delicious :)



8 thinly sliced rashers of Primal Cut nitrite-free bacon

Low Carb Pancake and Waffle Mix (we used this low carb pancake and waffle mix)

3 eggs

1 cup of milk (of your choice) or water

Chocolate Dip

Melt 90% Dark Chocolate carefully in the microwave


2 tbsp raw cacao powder

1/4 cup of coconut oil (extra virgin)

2 tbspn of erythritol


Fry the bacon til crispy and set aside on a plate to cool

Make up the low carb pancakes in accordance with the packet instructions

Heat a large pan with oil and add dollops of the pancake mix to form oval shapes using a spoon or use a piping bag for more precise shapes

As the pancakes start to cook, top each one with a slice of crispy bacon till small air bubbles start to appear along the edges of the cooked bacon slice

Flip the pancake and cook for a further minute.

To make the chocolate dip, simply mix all the ingredients together and serve with the pancakes.

If using melted dark chocolate, repeat and serve!



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