Making home-bake Paleo Wraps

Good news for paleo wraps in the UK

Things are looking up! We are super excited to share that our extra special primal alternative no nut hemp wraps are now available to make in a packet mix! Suitable for the paleo diet as well as vegetarian and vegan diets: these wraps are grain-free, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free just naturally tasty - The mix is a cinch to make. Tip the contents of the packet into a blender and add olive oil and water and that's it, we've supplied the rest. Easy meals, no compromise - wow!

How to make home-bake paleo wraps

Follow the instructions in the video below. Alternatively, the wraps can be baked in the oven - simply follow the instructions on the back of each packet. Why do we love our panini press? Because it's perfect for kids to bake their own wraps after school or when they want a healthy snack that's additive-free. Leave a variety of fillings in the fridge for self-service and Bob's your Uncle!

Each packet mix makes 8 wraps! If you would like to purchase this incredible mix from our online shop, here is the link no nut hemp wrap mix

Primal Alternative No Nut Hemp Wrap Mix

Hands up for a simple life ;)

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