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Meet the Amazing Shelby Donoghue of Wander Foods

Want to meet an inspiring woman? Let me introduce Barnsley-based Shelby Donoghue, a great friend of Primal Cut! We met two years ago, as newbies - both determined to take our delicious paleo products to market in the UK and both determined to make a real difference to healthy eating. It is always good to chat with like-minded folk and Shelby is one interesting lady!

Shelby Donoghue of Wander Foods
Barnsley-based Shelby Donoghue - she swam the English Channel you know!

Shelby runs “Twisted Stitches” knitting and yarn shop with her mum in the city centre – and that’s not all! As well as creating a very delicious instant paleo porridge (more of that later), did we mention that Shelby swam the English Channel in 2015?! Amazing :)

A life in pain from endometriosis

Life has not been completely pain-free for Shelby. Diagnosed with endometriosis in 2017, the condition caused high levels of inflammation and pain to rip through her body for at least 20 days out of every 30, each and every month. The condition which affects the lining of the womb, caused Shelby to experience crippling pain in her hips and legs, pain which was only ever alleviated by swimming in ice-cold water – mostly, says Shelby – because the overriding feeling when plunging into ice-cold water is “ I am going to die” and shortly thereafter the body responds by delivering a huge dose of endorphins which triggered some magical pain-free moments. Not for the faint-hearted, and not a long term cure!

But it did set Shelby thinking. Aware that her hormones were completely out of whack, and facing some pretty depressing surgery which would leave the sports-mad Shelby out of action for 3- 4 months, she decided to try something different and to help herself. And the simplest starting point? Change her diet.

Food to eat on the Paleo Diet
Paleo Diet = the Paleo Cure

The Paleo Diet

But where to start? Her research suggested that going back to basics seemed key - so, buoyed up by the research from Chris Kesser and “The Paleo Cure”, Shelby took a deep breath and went paleo - eliminating dairy, grains, gluten, sugar and processed food from her diet. All food was cooked from scratch using 100% real and natural produce and says Shelby “it absolutely transformed my life. Within 3 weeks my pain level had reduced markedly and after three months, I can honestly say that I had never felt so well in all my life.”

Back to Basics

“When you think about it, “says Shelby, “it makes good sense. You would not power a sports car with the wrong fuel – there is such a connection between what you eat and how your body performs. We are still only just beginning to realise the link between the gut and the brain and we just miss the obvious in our eating. I would so strongly advocate anyone suffering from poor health whatever ailment you might have to first take a look at diet – and get back to basics!”

Up for a New Challenge!

Every year, Shelby celebrates her good health by taking up a new challenge. This year was no different, fundraising for MacMillan Cancer Support (following a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for her brother) and grateful as ever, for the enthusiastic support from the “ladies who knit” at “Twisted Stitches”. But this year, COVID-19 closed the “Swim 10 lakes in 24 hours” challenge in the Lake District and the Northumberland Coastal walk with MacMillan Cancer. Undeterred, Shelby has taken up her own 100,000 Tethered Strokes Challenge!

Tethered STrokes Challenge
The 100,000 Tethered Strokes Challenge 2020!

100,000 Tethered strokes challenge

Using her inflatable pool (above) and tethered with a length of elastic to her washing line pole, every day Shelby swims 3 lots of two miles at 1000 strokes per mile, chalking up 100 miles in a month! Every 100 strokes she knocks off one of the 20 pebbles that sit on the side of the pool before continuing with the challenge! Now that’s dedication! And we’re so impressed, we are donating 10% of all our sales this week to her fundraising effort!

You too can support Shelby and make a donation by following the link here to support a truly inspiring woman!

At last, instant Paleo Porridge!

Instant paleo porridge from Wander Foods
Delicious oat and gluten free porridge made from super seeds!

Wander Foods

And here’s a sneak pre-launch preview of Shelby’s brand new instant porridge from Wander Foods. This porridge has quite a reputation in South Yorkshire! Missing cereals and wanting warming, paleo compliant, gluten-free, oat-free instant porridge for a quick and easy very early morning start, Shelby took up the challenge and created her own! Just the ticket for those early morning swims when bacon and eggs seems a tough choice before hitting the ice-cold water!

Favourite Flavours

The porridge mix is made out of a selection of super seeds and related ingredients. Sugar-free too! This fantastic product can be added to smoothies as well as eaten as a warming porridge and has a huge fan base for its ability to relieve “hormonal” constipation – ladies, you know what we mean! Available in a range of favourite flavours including lemon and ginger, double chocolate, banana and coconut and apple and raspberry, we are looking forward to stocking this product on our online shop in the not too distant future!

And finally.....

Huge thanks to Shelby for sharing her story with us - don’t forget the link above if you would like to support Shelby’s challenge! Do keep a lookout for this delicious new product in our online shop! If you would like to be notified when we start to stock, please sign up to our newsletter – you can find the link at the bottom of our homepage – and is the best way to keep updated on all our offers, discounts, new products and affiliated sales!



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