Nut Butter Toppers!

Woo Hoo - easy as and the perfect topper to our delicious, nutritious and grain free toasted pumpkin bread! What is it I hear you ask? Fresh whipped almond butter. Times past, I used to buy this in glass jars at vast expense - but it is actually the easiest thing to make. You need a baking sheet, 250g of skin on almonds and a food processor. That's it. And then you can make something as special as this for tea or to eat as a life affirming healthy snack. We've outlined the method below.

Nut Butter & Pomegranate Seeds atop Pumpkin Bread

Method to bake fresh Almond Nut Butter

Set oven to 180C or equivalent

Spread 250g of skin on almonds onto baking tray

Roast for about 10 mins - just enough to warm the nuts and release the fragrance and nut oil

Remove from the oven and leave to cool just enough to place into a food processor

Blend until smooth and creamy.

This can take a while to achieve.

The process can loosely be described as this:

1. Turns to powder

2. Its going stiff

3. Its not going to work

4. Its working and turning creamy

This process can take a few minutes.

Store in air tight jar and spread onto warm grain free toast as and when desired.



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