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Paleo Reset: Day 13

Another day another challenge!

Lovely invite arrived yesterday to visit Doreen, Mike's mum in Doncaster and take fish and chips for Lunch!!!!

*Oh Boy, Siren alert.*Danger Ahead*

Actually, for once, I found this to be an easy issue to resolve by taking my own lunch as well as having a couple of hot chips straight from the packet - in a life's too short moment. No fuss this time, no drama. In fact, the substantial and prolonged improvements I am beginning to feel in my ankle and heel are enough to persuade me to stick to the plan plus my commitment to 30 days. How do you deal with social events when you are following a particular way of eating? How do you feel when you are the one abstaining and everyone else is tucking in? How do other people make you feel when you are abstaining? Especially with Christmas just around the corner - what's your motivation to stay on track?

You may have noticed a new product in the top right hand square of the montage. As well as joint pain, my brain seems to have gone to mush! So I am trialling adding C8 MCT Oil to my morning protein shake to see if it helps with reducing brain fog and I look forward to reporting on this side experiment - have you tried it? Have you had success? The salad jars were an easy make keeping the dressing at the bottom and lots of lovely layers of contrasting salad bits and bobs. When it was time to eat together, I tipped the jar upside down to coat the salad and emptied everything onto my plate. Easy!

Today's paleo reset summary:

Breakfast: Paleo Protein Shake + C8

Lunch: Salad Jar with smoked mackerel and a simple dressing made with extra virgin avocado oil, mustard and a drop of vinegar

Supper: Home made Chicken Curry - diced chicken and onion sauteed, add curry spices, dash of coconut milk, 1/4 cup of cashews (there are better nut choices but that was all I had in the store cupboard) and 2 big handfuls of baby spinach. Really good.

Also drank a VAT of coffee and added pure collagen peptides to my cup.

Yay, things are on the up!



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