Pancetta Bacon Recipe

This satisfying, tasty low-carb pancetta bacon recipe is made using four simple ingredients. Even better, the pancetta is free-range, nitrite-free bacon!

Quick to prepare, the recipe works equally well as an evening meal or a Saturday morning brunch and is both nourishing and filling with a great natural taste.

Serves 4:

500 g Brussels Sprouts

120 g Pancetta Bacon

40 g Butter

100 g Creme Fraiche

Salt & Pepper to taste

To make:

Steam the Brussels Sprouts for up to 5 mins to soften (can also use the microwave)

Saute the bacon in the butter til crisp

Add the softened Brussels sprouts to the bacon and butter and toss to coat

Warm through

Season to taste

Garnish with the creme fraiche before serving

Chef's Tip:

You can convert this easy recipe into a bake by simply turning the mixture out onto a tray and adding thick double cream. Place in the oven and cook for approximately one hour at 180C (Gas Mark 4)


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