Update: Shelby Completes Her Swim Challenge!

Shelby completes her swim ( on dry land)!!

Fantastic follow-up news that Shelby Donoghue from @Wander Foods completed her 100,000 tethered strokes challenge on 28th June! Shelby (powered by the Paleo diet) smashed her fundraising target for Macmillan Cancer - thank you for all the donations!! Inspirational stuff, not many would attempt to swim that far tethered to a washing pole in the back garden but we love how COVID-19 made us all step up and view things through a different smaller, more focussed lens! There's still time to donate to Shelby's fundraising at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Cirquedusorelegsx6

We would like to leave the last words to Shelby who writes:

“100,000 tethered strokes swimmed/swam/swum (delete where applicable) and fundraising for@macmillancancer. I really love the structure of a heavyweight challenge and knowing you cannot swerve a session, just surrender to the fact you’ve got to swim at least 3000 strokes a day. Some days I was getting in for just 15 minutes to build the numbers. I am now looking forward to not having constantly soggy hair and a damp bum crack!"

Couldn't have put it better myself! Huge congratulations from the whole team @Primal Cut!

Shelby completes her challenge!

If you are embarking on a new challenge - let us know! We love to hear your stories of overcoming a health challenge and winning in whatever shape or form that looks! Get in touch at hello@primalcut.co.uk

Until next time!

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