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What Is The Whole30 Diet

what is the whole30 diet

Part 1 - Whole30 diet for beginners

The Whole30 programme is a 30-day clean-eating plan designed to help you re-set your eating habits and your relationship with food. When you commit to WHOLE30 you will be eating 100% real and natural food and ditching all dairy, sugar, grains, legumes and alcohol. Simple! So for 30 days (and 30 nights), there'll be no more sticky chocolate puddings, no more take-outs and boozy late evenings and no more ultra-processed carb-heavy snacks! It's only for 30 days - you got this!

What Is The Whole30 Diet - The Menu!

On The Menu:

  • Meat. You choose but keep it free range and pasture fed

  • Poultry. Chicken sausage too!

  • Fish. Fresh or tinned, wild-caught is best

  • Veggies. Green and leafy with every meal and any combo

  • Fruits. Focus on low sugar options and steer clear of bananas!

  • Fats. Avocados and healthy fats to keep you full

  • Coffee *YAY*

Gulp! Don't worry - you got this!!

Foods To Avoid:

  • No sugar or natural or artificial sweeteners. Remember we want to re-train taste buds!

  • No booze. 30 days (and 30 nights) imagine the difference, can you do it?

  • No smoking.

  • No grains. Keep it simple, grain-free and gluten-free - no more wheat flour

  • No beans or legumes. Steer clear of peanut butter and hummus

  • No soy. Gives you boobs

  • No dairy. Cheese and cream too

  • No processed additives. See option 1 and includes MSG :(

  • No fake treats, even with Whole30-approved ingredients.

Like we say, its only 30 days (your new mantra) and it is designed to help you find a healthier relationship with food - and what better way to do that than to go back to basics?

The key to WHOLE30 is really understanding that you are committing to reset your relationship with food. 30 days is long enough to see a difference and long enough to understand how much stress certain types of diet can place on our body when you pause and stop eating those highlighted above. It is also just long enough to let you feel and see a difference but not too long so as to put you off starting in the first place! Four weeks from now you will thank yourself and be grateful you set off on your WHOLE30 journey - we really do believe it makes a difference!

So bring on the Tiger Blood - yeah!!

Starting WHOLE30

With the WHOLE30 focus on clean eating, healthy fats and nutrient dense food, you shouldn't feel hungry during your reset. There is no tracking of calories, no sins, no guilt, no cheat days and you wont be eating based on a points system either! While weight loss is a usual by-product of the reset, the real emphasis is letting your body get used to real food again and re-learn homeostasis - the body's natural state of being. We breath without trying - the body knows what to do. The body also knows how to tell when we are hungry and how to tell when we are full. For most of us struggling with our weight, we have lost this natural ability. Processed food is full of hidden sugars and additives which override the bodies natural systems and tap straight into our pleasure zones deep within the brain. The pleasing feelings we experience when eating over processed food encourage us to overeat and turn off the signals that tell us when we are full. When you go WHOLE30, the body has a chance to breathe again and re-find it's natural path. And of course, being able to do up your jeans without lying flat out on the floor and holding your breath for the rest of the evening - is a very desirable by-product too!

Noticeable Benefits of following a round of WHOLE30

Remember, the focus of WHOLE30 is to reset your relationship with food and to enhance a sense of health and wellbeing - weight loss is a by product of the reset. Other benefits often seen from going WHOLE30 are:

  • Health conditions may improve

  • Digestive issues may also start to resolve themselves

  • Skin clears and

  • Tiger blood - energy levels increase!

  • Taste buds start to transform and your palette is revived

  • Improved and regular sleep

  • More stamina for work outs

  • Ability to discern which foods affect you positively and which have a more negative effect: cheese? dairy? sugar? wheat?

  • A brand new library of healthy meals to take forward into your new life

No cheating on WHOLE30

And finally, just so as you know, it is important to follow the rules - and no cheating. In fact, founder Melissa Urban asks that if a slip up occurs (from an ice-cream to a glass of wine), you go back down the ladder and start again at Day 1. Your body needs a chance to heal and that means a complete break from all the not-so healthy foods that tend to creep up on those of us with an unhealthy relationship with food! It is important that you feel the full benefit of this reset and hey! - its only for 30 days! Go on you can do it! Who knows what you will feel like four weeks down the line but it can't be any worse than you feel now!

Here to Help!

If you would like to find out more about WHOLE30, we recommend you check out the website at Better still, read the book! There are lots of recipes, tips and ideas to try across the 30 days and we are always here to help! Primal Cut is the only UK based WHOLE30 approved foods in the UK - please do get in touch if we can help.

In PART 2 of this series, we will offer ten top tips to help you prepare for a round of WHOLE30!



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