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Wheat Free Bread Mix

Wheat Free Bread Mix: Makes 2-4 Loafs


Probably the best gluten free bread in the world!

Give yourself a pat on the back and nourish yourself with our incredible Wheat Free (gluten free) Bread Mix. Impress your friends and family with this delicious gluten free home baking  bread kit, a fabulously, more than acceptable alternative to processed bread. In fact, hands down our nutrient dense gluten free loaf mix is best gluten free bread we ever tasted - anywhere!

Simple to craft, our wheat free bread has a lovely thick and chewy crust with a dense airy, sourdough like texture.  Perfect for toasting, for bacon sandwiches and pack ups, have fun making, creating and baking this at home.

Wheat Free Bread Mix

Oops - more on the way!
  • Tapioca starch, brown rice flour, millet flour, psyllium husk, instant yeast, Himalayan salt, sesame seeds

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