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gluten free sausages
  • Free Range, Grass Fed 

  • Primal Cuts - No Trim! 

  • All Meat 94% - 99% 

  • Fresh Organic Seasoning

  • Natural Casings

  • Nutrient Dense 

  • ​Gluten & Allergen Free 

  • Sugar Free 

  • Nitrate Free

  • Sulphite Free

  • Phosphate Free 

  • Preservative Free

Best Gluten Free Sausages

What makes Primal Cut gluten free sausages so good?

"We began making sausages because we love 'em, but wanted to improve on what was available in the shops. Just being a gluten free sausage doesn't necessarily mean it's good for you, you have to look at every ingredient and ask yourself - is this the best we can do? Our aim - to make sausages the best they could be, including the varieties with cereal in them: 
Natural, ethical, sustainable & locally sourced ingredients, great tasting and wholly healthy!  
Thus, the sausages we make are better for us, our customers, the livestock, the environment and of course our dog - Ted. It's a genuine comfort to know the sausages we make are actually good for the wellbeing of our customers"

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