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Paleo Reset Day 20

A single leaf waiting to fall, one last dance!

Day 20 and two thirds of the way home. We went for a long winter walk this afternoon just me, Mike and Ted Bear (dog). As Ted sniffed his way enthusiastically round the track, we both sought out signs of the season changing, nature renewing, letting go. The single leaf in this image clung tenaciously to its branch, refusing to fall, buffeted by the harsh wind blowing up from the reservoir at Lindley Wood. It's defiance caught my eye, a bright yellow wrapper against the grey of the mizzle and cold, refusing to let go. One last dance. Soon this leaf will let go and fall but that's not the end of the story. The old leaves mulch down, creating nourishment for the tree base to help the new growth to come. One thing we know for sure, nature will renew.

Bare trees at Lindley Wood Reservoir, waiting

As we walked through the woods it seemed the trees were merely sleeping, tucked in against the cold, waiting again for renewal and the Spring. The stillness was overwhelming at times and at other times we felt part of the forest too. The timelessness of the place made my head spin such that it would not have been out of place to see a monk in a sack cloth walk past with two jugs of beer or an old woman dressed in medieval clothes, dragging a goat behind her! Have you ever experienced the timeless quality of a place? And did you know trees watch us too!

Truth is, my head feels clearer than it has in a long time. It's like I can see further and clearer today, like I am wearing a pair of rose tinted spectacles and I like it! I have wrestled with brain fog for so long, I have forgotten what it is like to feel clear again! Have you experienced this?

My joint pain is definitely receding and my usual winter blues this time of year feel a long way away. Something has changed while all the world is sleeping, transformation is happening underground and a new self is building. Nature knows what we need to do, what we need to eat, how we need to nourish the body. And so this paleo adventure continues..

Paleo Reset Day 20 Summary of Meals:

Skipped Breakfast today. Had a Dir tea coffee and read the papers. Had C8 and Floradix too. Great coffee by the way - not so keen on the news )-:

Lunch: We ate almond crusted cod with fresh organic microgreens and half an avocado

Supper was liver and primal cut nitrite free smoked bacon on a bed of leafy green kale. Mike added two fried eggs to his - no accounting for taste!

We also made a simple lemon and thyme infused keto cake and shared a couple of pieces topped with yoghurt and raspberries with two large cups of hot tea. Delicious and white refined sugar free. The rest of the cake has gone into the freezer for another day. Keep a look out for the recipe in the coming days. This would be a great keto bake to have to hand for Christmas!



kate oliver - Primal Cut co-founder

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