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Meet our newest Primal Cut Friend, fully qualified and newly certified UK - based WHOLE30 Coach, Hazel Joy Reichberger! Go Hazel!

Hazel Joy Reichberger, the UK's first WHOLE30 Coach!

We were lucky enough to catch up with Hazel shortly before Christmas and were blown away by her enthusiasm and positivity for the WHOLE 30 approach to health and wellbeing - we can't think of a better person to coach us through the WHOLE30 month and if you are looking for your own support and guidance to complete a new round of WHOLE30, read on below for a whole host of reasons to get in touch!

Hi Hazel! We met and spoke before Christmas and felt an immediate connection with you and your outlook on life and WHOLE30, can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Hazel and I live in South West London. I’ve been married for 28 years and have two daughters in their twenties. I am a Whole 30 certified coach and a music and language teacher and I'm here to help!

Tell us a little about your own health challenges and your experiences on WHOLE30?

I discovered Whole 30 over two years ago on Instagram, bought a copy of ‘It Starts with Food’ and did my first round in November 2018. I was a total newbie and other than support from an American Facebook group for Whole 30 first timers, I felt quite out on a limb and found the programme really hard.

I was used to eating quite a bit of processed foods like toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch. Eating whole, unprocessed food was a big leap at the time. But I had type 2 diabetes, mild asthma and general aches and pains. I wanted results and after thirty days I felt so well. I had a spring in my step, radiant skin, stable blood sugar and I didn’t need to use inhalers.

What impact has the lockdown in the UK had on your eating and long term health?

Over the months I slipped back into some old habits but kept returning to Whole 30. The lockdown gave me time to pause and reflect. I needed to make my health a long term priority. I’ve been following Debbie Marlowe, a Whole 30 coach on social media for almost 2 years. I had always wanted to work with her as a coach and the opportunity came up this July with a triple whammy coaching package of Whole 30, reintroduction and Food Freedom with Debbie and 3 other coaches.

This time I lost 22lbs, my blood sugars became normal and I reversed my type 2 diabetes. I’ve been successful in my food freedom ever since, even navigating Christmas.

And what has motivated you to become the UK’s first WHOLE30 coach?

The first in the UK, I love the idea of being a pioneer!

I’ve always loved helping people. Being a teacher, I enjoy connecting with my pupils and nurturing their potential. For me it’s always been more than the subject I’m teaching. I speak words of life over my pupils and build their self esteem in the process of teaching them how to play the piano, or how to read or how to navigate grammar.

Whole 30 has changed my life. It’s the only way of eating that has worked for me to maximise good health, and my coaches gave me tools to free me from food cravings and diet mentality long term. I thought about becoming a coach in the summer, then Debbie suggested it. We discovered that there were no UK coaches and I would be the first. That made it even more exciting for me.

I love the idea of being a pioneer!

There was a lot of study involved to qualify, but the logistics of actually working as a coach sit very neatly with my tutoring business which I will continue alongside Whole 30 coaching.

What will coaching bring to the table for anyone seeking to complete the WHOLE30? How can you help?

Being coached through my July 2020 round was a completely different experience to doing Whole 30 on my own. The information, motivation, community and accountability was incredible. I would never have done Whole 30 on my own if I’d known what being coached was like. That’s something I want to do for others.

I would advise anybody doing or considering Whole 30 to do it with a qualified coach. It’s the gift of investing in your health and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. I am still moving forward to become the healthiest version of myself, and hope to bring others with me on that journey. As Melissa (Urban - the founder of WHOLE30 ) says “there are so many roadblocks to changing the way you eat”.

I can help you pinpoint your purpose for doing Whole 30 (your why), guide you through the rules and keep you motivated and accountable with regular check ins, daily posts, advice and answers to your questions.

What is your favourite WHOLE30 book and are there any recipe site and blogs that you follow on this subject that you can recommend?

My favourite Whole 30 book is ‘It Starts with Food’. It has all the information to do a successful Whole 30 and some great meal maps.

On Facebook there are two groups I love and am part of :- “Whole 30-UK based support group” and “Whole 30 fabulous after 50” (this one is run by coaches).

For Whole 30 recipes I recommend Instagram sites “cook by color” and “clean foodie cravings”.

There's a great article about prepping for Whole 30 here from Primal Cut too 10 Top Tips to help you prepare for your Whole 30

There is so much information available online!

What is your favourite motivational quote?

My favourite motivational quote is “Never, never, never give up” by Winston Churchill.

Who has been your biggest inspiration in life and why?

My biggest inspiration - as a Christian, I would have to say Jesus. He guides my life, he’s my light that shines in the darkness and the still waters that restore my soul in every season, even in crazy Corona times. My biggest Whole 30 inspiration has been Debbie Marlowe.

What is your favourite Primal Cut Product?

My favourite Primal Cut sausage is the Bratwurst which I like to pair with compatible sauerkraut. But I’m in love with your streaky bacon - the flavour is incredible! The WHOLE30 box is a great addition for anyone wanting the fun of compatible comfort food!

How can we contact you for coaching and support?

I can be contacted for coaching and support on Instagram at wholehazel or by email at gohazel@hotmail.co.uk

Huge thanks to Hazel for talking to us and gifting us this list!

Do get in touch if you feel you would like to find out more - it is a proven fact that working with another can help us attain our health goals by finding support and advice when we need it most!

Good Luck on your journey back to Health!


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