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nitrate free bacon

Unprocessd Nitrate Free Bacon - cured and dried in Ilkley


We like to be different, that's why we called our unprocessed nitrate-free bacon - Primal Bacon!

We believe that health and wellbeing starts with the food we eat. We wanted to create a genuine healthy bacon, natural, free from, naked bacon that tasted even better than regular, commercial bacon. We wanted it to be even better than the leading nitrite-free bacon brand, with 100% real food ingredients and no allergens, or water!

Nitrate free bacon - we weren't even sure it was possible. Could we develop a suitable all-natural cure recipe, without chemical additives, preservatives, added sugar, gluten or other allergens?


Our unprocessed gluten-free bacon is certified by Coeliac UK and approved by the Real Food Campaign & Whole30 Diet - Whole30 approved bacon, but also; coeliac, diabetic, paleo bacon, low carb, weight loss and even keto bacon. 


Making Bacon

Free-range pork, simple ingredients and longer curing results in subtle aromatic scents and intense flavours.

There's no added water, sugar, phosphates or nitrites (sodium nitrite). That means; no froth, watery discharge, or shrinking.


We take whole sides of certified free-range pork and generously apply our natural cure recipe. These are then stacked onto racks and kept chilled for  days7-21 days. This is where the magic happens - improving flavour, enhancing appearance and extracting residual water.


Once done, the loins and bellies are hung to dry age in a chamber where humidity and temperature are monitored round the clock.

Making bacon naturally, takes longer. Somewhere between 7-21 days of TLC goes into ensuring our healthy bacon is the best preservative-free bacon around.

Nitrate Free Bacon (Unsmoked)

40 Grams
Oops - more on the way!
    Sea Salt, Herbs, Ascorbic Acid.

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