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    Nitrate Free Bacon - Bringing Home The Truth

    Unprocessed natural bacon (without-nitrites)

    What's all the fuss over bacon without nitrites? Bacon, we've been bringing it home for millennia - some even say it was made in heaven itself.

    Originally practiced in China, the salting of pork from domesticated pigs soon spread throughout Europe, through Germany where cured pork was called baco, and ancient France where it was known as bako. Both have a similar meaning; buttock, ham or side of pork.

    Before refrigeration heavy salting and drying was the only way to store meat. Nowadays, bacon comes in a variety of forms and cure recipes. Including streaky bacon (pork belly), Back, Middle (loin) and Cheek or Face (jowl) bacon. Smoked or unsmoked, many of us can't resist a few rashers of bacon and egg or bacon sandwich with brown sauce.

    As well as the usual pork, Mutton, Turkey, and Beef can also make great bacon. More recently even plant-based (vegan) versions have become readily available - indeed, whatever next!

    Accidental Discovery

    Salt is the primary and only ingredient needed to make bacon. Though without the artificial preservatives, modern processing and sugar, it would look and taste very different from what we're used to now.

    Originally bacon and all meats were preserved with salt. Though the quality was hit and miss and varied according to the location from where the salt was extracted. Naturally, this meant that salt often contained impurities - some more welcome than others.

    Old Saltpeter Vats

    Take Saltpeter (Potassium Nitrate), a naturally occurring and beneficial impurity. Producers noted that bacon with this form of nitrate lasted longer, had a more desirable red colour and a more appealing flavor. However, Saltpeter is also used in the production of fertilisers and fireworks and more worryingly can be used to produce explosives.

    Buyer Beware! as the friend of a friend recently found out. Attempting to purchase Potassium Nitrate without good reason, may well land you in the attention of MI5 and a very early alarm call! - a true story.

    Making Bacon

    Standard curing of commercial bacon takes just a few days. It involves 25% water being injected as a brine solution along with phosphates to hold the water in. Sadly, both colour and flavor of commercial bacon are artificial, it comes from sodium nitrite. Though permitted by EU land UK law, there are strict rules on its safe levels that may be used in food.

    Cancer Risks of Bacon

    The threat of an increased cancer risk linked to Sodium Nitrite is real. Though, looking at it objectively, reporting may not be that simple.

    Can we simply compare cases of colon cancer to the levels of processed meat in an individual's diet? Is there something we're missing?

    Clearly not everyone who has ever eaten bacon is going to get the big 'C'. Don't worry the threat contracting cancer is actually only increased due to high levels of Nitrosamines, not nitrites themselves. Nitrosamines are formed naturally in the body and can occur naturally under normal preparation and cooking of our bacon.

    However, heat is a major factor here. More heat, more nitrosamines. Less heat, I think you get the picture.

    Therefore, a small piece of advice to all lovers of this wonderful food - DON'T CRUCIFY YOUR BACON

    Sadly, this may mean the end of crispy bacon forever.

    What is Nitrate Free Bacon?

    Curing bacon without artificial preservatives, brine and sugar takes time!

    For instance, our dry cure bacon is loved and cared for up to 5 weeks. Our natural cures contain sea salt, traditional herbs, fresh fruit, and spice extracts. The result is all-natural bacon with a subtle fragrance and intense flavors not found in traditionally cured shop bacon.

    Even better there’s no added water, sodium nitrite or phosphates and so no grey frothy discharge (from the release of phosphates and water) or bacon shrinkage while cooking.

    Primal Cut free from bacon! contains only fresh organic fruit sugars and nitrates present in the natural raw ingredients. As with our gluten free sausages, both flavor and preservation are achieved by the careful selection of natural organic ingredients. The best foods and most nutritious foods have always been made using natural ingredients.

    Is Primal Cut Bacon Nitrate Free?

    No - nitrates are a naturally occurring compound found in salts, herbs, spices, and fresh fruits. The important part for us is we've not added any synthetic form of sodium nitrite. This means it can be labeled Nitrite Free. Anything heat treated, or created artificially carries a risk, our bodies rely on nutritious sources of real food. nitrite-free bacon.

    To be clear, in terms of UK food labeling requirements nitrite free bacon, preservative-free bacon, unprocessed bacon, naked bacon, are all effectively the same thing. They all describe a type of bacon that's cured without the inorganic form of Sodium Nitrite or Nitrate. Strictly speaking, it should perhaps read: Synthetic Sodium Nitrite Free or Artificial Preservative Free.

    Healthy Bacon - The Holy Grail

    Is Primal Bacon healthy?

    Absolutely! Yorkshire free-range pork, original artisan methods, sugar-free, gluten, allergen-free and nothing whatsoever inorganic - artificial. It's delicious, nutrient-dense and comes with the peace of mind you're eating real food of provenance, natural, ethical, sustainable and safe.

    Not tried our healthy bacon yet? Get 15% off your first order with promo code: PCBACON

    To find out more about Primal Cut's selection of bacon and cured meats visit our online shop.

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