Keto Food Box

Traditional Sausage Box

Our full traditional range of juicy 100% free range Yorkshire pork sausages in one convenient box.


Five classic sausage varieties, including our award-winning Burley sausage combining succulent free-range pork with wild venison and bilberries. The Cambridge, similar in flavour to a Cumberland sausage. Yorkshire sausage, peppery warming - delicious! Breakfast sausage, a classic herby sausage with flavour resembling the Lincolnshire. Finally, one of our latest additions to the range - Keto sausage, a plain free-range pork sausage with Himalayan salt and a little peppery warmth, probably the purest sausage around.


The Primal Cut Traditional box includes:


5 x 400g packs in total per box

    £0.90 per 66 Grams
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