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Sausage delivery box

Our full traditional range of juicy 100% free range Yorkshire pork sausages in one convenient box.


Five classic sausage varieties, including;

Cambridge sausage - similar in flavour to a traditional a Cumberland style sausage.

Yorkshire sausage - peppery warming & delicious!

Breakfast sausage - classically herby with a flavour resembling the Lincolnshire.

Keto sausage - The Holy Grail! Finally, a plain free-range pork sausage with a pinch of Himalayan salt and just a touch of peppery warmth, probably the cleanest sausage around and one for the purest.


Traditional Sausages Box



8 x 400g packs in total per box


Please note: In the event of an item becoming unavailable we reserve the right to supply a similar product of the same type and value, you will not be charged if the value of the replaced item is greater then the listed item.

Traditional Sausage Box

Oops - more on the way!
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