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Paleo Reset Day 21

Caribbean fish supper
So good we had to employ security guards to watch over!

How are you doing? Me and Ted Bear have just spent an emotional few hours on the couch watching the first couple of episodes of "..And Just Like that", the rebooted "Sex and the City" sequel. I sobbed, he leant in and nuzzled my hand - and we gave thanks that so many of our loved ones are still here and around us this Christmas. Seriously, have you watched it yet? Brings back so many fabulous memories for me of a time and place watching the original episodes in the 90s, wanting to be Carrie, pink tutu and all! Here's the trailer - watch it!

Other things that caught my eye this week include the new campaign by Jamie Oliver for real food in schools. I heard him speak to James O'Brien on LBC Radio and was moved by what he had to say. How food shapes a generation, the right food shapes brain development and creativity and the need now to grow creative entrepreneurial children into our society given all the changes we are going through, to create a stronger better UK. It really resonated with us and our personal drive toward a diet devoid of any processed food based around simple single ingredients. You can find out more about his campaign here:

With my head feeling clearer and less foggy, I have managed to start reading again. This is a massive plus - I know so many people have stopped reading completely, finding it hard to concentrate and struggling to focus. A side effect of ditching the processed food and sugar from my diet is that my concentration is much, much better! My current read is:

Apologies for the dog eared flap guess who got to it first!

Inspiring, There is a lot about using creativity to overcome adversity and if you feel like exploring this further, try her amazing project over at the isolation journals

Paleo Meals Today:

Breakfast: Grain Free almond and coconut porridge, C8 + Floradix, Dirtea Coffee

Lunch: Paprika Prawns and Keto Naan Bread (recipe to follow)

Supper: Caribbean Fish Supper (salmon, spring onions, garlic, chillies, ginger and fresh coriander)+ slice of keto orange Cake (recipe to follow, experimenting for Christmas)

And golden oldie favourite for these chilly winter days!



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