spicy sausage
gluten free spicy sausage

“Just wanted to let you know I received my sausage order today and was able to scramble up some chorizo and egg.  It was as if I transported to my favorite breakfast taco spot in Houston. You have a customer for life.”

Ed, Hersham

High welfare, traditional artisan methods and organic real food ingredients, the perfect marriage of Italian food and the human ancestral diets - natural, wholesome foods. Higher welfare and higher meat content means they're no ordinary sausages. 100% natural, free range, allergen free and nutrient dense means Primal Cut sausages are a family favourite and a healthier choice for any mealtime.

Suitable for kids, grown-ups and lifestyle diets such as; keto, paleo, low carb, weight loss, food allergies, wellness and boosting  immunity.

  • Chorizo - Mexico

    Appreciate the snap of a fresh chorizo sausage with keynotes of paprika, garlic and cayenne pepper for a warm flavouring heat, bring in white pepper and chillies to give that gentle after-burn and making you hungry for more.

  • Chorizo - Argentina

    Authentic Argentinian Chorizo is the real deal with warming spices, an abundance of rich Hispanic flavours giving a genuine experience of true Latin-American street food. Perfect for an authentic choripan  [South American (Argentine) equivalent of a hot dog].

  • Merguez  - North Africa

    Moroccan Merguez (Mirqaz or mirkas), a delicious North African spicy hot sausage. Popular throughout the Middle East, Algeria, Tunisia and French cuisine. Sample authentic umami flavours from our original recipe of Lamb, Beef, pure Himalayan salts and toasted organic spices.

  • Currywurst - Germany

    A delicious and truly radical German Currywurst! Capturing every authentic spicy flavour of its host Berlin bratwurst within each sausage. We take the finest organic spices & natural free reange meats to create a deliciously original currywust sausage. Satiating  Meatiness with a Korma Curry Heat.

Spicy Sausages